Group Classes

 Group classes will be attended twice a semester.  These classes will be held at my home in the place of a regular lesson, meaning you will not have a regular lesson the week of group class.  Students will sign up for group classes via my calendar on my website.  Students will need their login and password to do so. If my studio has less than 8 students, everyone will attend the same group class.

The classes will be similar to a master class.  Each student will play one to two pieces of music, always from memory.  I will make comments on what I liked and what can be improved upon.  Everyone can learn from everyone else this way.  In these classes, students will learn how to properly perform at recitals.  They will be taught the proper way to approach the piano, pause between pieces,  and how to give a proper bow afterward.  After everyone has had a chance to play, including myself (the instructor), we will play music games to strengthen the students knowledge of theory.  Also, we will be learning about the four major time periods for music, and how each period has its own unique style.  These periods are: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary.