Piano Studio Policies



Lesson and Practice Format



Includes 5 – finger patterns, scales and arpeggios. Also may include other strength or agility exercises, Dozen-A-Day, Hanon, etc.


All students will have either a note-speller or theory book.  Some students may have both.


“one-week” pieces, 3-8 pages per week.


Recital pieces, always memorized.


Recital pieces that are completely memorized



30-minute lesson: $80 monthly ($400 per semester)
45-minute lesson: $120 monthly ($600 per semester)

• Payment is due at the first lesson of every month for the coming month (unless you paid the whole semester at once). Monthly payments are the same every month no matter how many lessons there are. 

  • Make checks payable to me (Kellie Edick). I will send out a schedule each semester so you will know when I will take breaks. I will most likely follow the school break schedule.  Each Semester will have 16 lessons, 2 group classes and 1 recital, all of which are included in your tuition.

• I reserve the right to give myself a raise every year for Fall Semester.
• I don’t offer a sibling discount – sorry!
• If payment is not made by the 10th of the month, a late fee of $10 should be added to the regular monthly fee. (You may mail your payment)
• I will send tuition invoices at the end of each month.  If payment is not made by the 10th, you will receive another invoice with the $10 late fee included.

  • Students will be required to move from 30 min to 45 min lessons once they have taken lessons with me for 2 years or have graduated to Movement 2 in the method books.  This will allow more time to teach essential technique needed for advancing students. (In some cases, I may recommend longer lessons earlier)

Missed Lessons

24-hour notice needs to be given for a missed lesson to be made up.  If less than 24-hour notice is given, lesson will not be made up. You are only allowed 2 make-up lessons during each semester (this includes illness) so please plan accordingly. No refunds will be given for missed lessons.  If I have to cancel lessons for any reason, you will be given a make-up. If no suitable make-up time can be agreed upon, you will be refunded for that lesson.

Sick Students

DO NOT bring your child (or self if adult student) if they are sick.  This includes: throwing up, fever, head colds, anything that will have them coughing or sneezing on the piano.  If your child stays home from school due to illness, do not bring them to lessons. Please be respectful of me, my family, and my other students. It only takes one sick kid to infect my household and studio.  I will allow one short notice make-up for sickness each semester. (I will be flexible when it comes to chronic illness, just talk to me)

Winter weather

If school is canceled due to winter weather conditions, you have two options.  You may come to lessons if the weather has cleared by the time of your lesson, or you may choose to stay home and schedule a make up lesson.  Please let me know what your choice is at least one hour before your lesson time or you will not receive a make up lesson. 

Drop Procedure

PARENTS MUST NOTIFY ME, THE TEACHER, TO DROP A STUDENT FROM LESSONS by phone or email at least 30 days in advance to give me time to find another student to fill the lesson spot.  Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's lessons WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS LESSONS until the time you notify me.  Please do not rely on your student to verbally let me know that he/she will no longer be attending lessons. If a student stops coming to lessons without notification, then that student's account will be charged for regular tuition.

The teacher has the right to discontinue teaching any student who portrays inappropriate conduct or who fails to respect the studio policy.


New books will be given as students finish their current books.  The amount for the new books will be included in the next invoice. 

Summer Lessons

I encourage students to take lessons all year round.  I will let you know by the end of the Spring semester what my summer schedule will be.  I normally teach a minimum of 8 weeks, but that can vary (especially while living in Hawaii). When I have a full schedule and waiting list, current students will be required to take at least 4 summer lessons to reserve their spot for Fall.    


All students are required to have a metronome by the end of the third month of lessons.

Studio Recitals

Two studio recitals will be held each year.

Group Classes

 Group classes will be attended twice a semester.  These classes will be held at my home in place of regular lessons that week.  See my calendar for Group lesson dates. Students will sign up for a class via my calendar on my website.  Students will need their login and password to do so. Occasionally, students will be assigned to attend a specific group classes according to level or age. 


I expect approximately 30 minutes of practicing every day from all but the earliest and/or youngest beginners. Older/advancing students should practice 45-60 minutes per day.


One parent is required to attend 50% of lessons for students ages  6-7 (Group lessons excluded). Parents of children ages 8 and up are invited to sit in on lessons occasionally. Please do not bring younger siblings unless you have special circumstances that you have told me about ahead of time. 


Lessons begun late will still end on time. Instead of arriving “on time,” try arriving 5 minutes early. Also, please do not enter more than 5 minutes early as this disrupts the prior students' lesson.


Students who are not practicing or making progress will be put on a 2 -week probation, and dropped if improvement is not made. This is especially true when I have a waiting list. 


If your check bounces, you will be charged a fee to cover the fee I will have to pay my bank.

I expect students to keep their nails trimmed.

Every student needs a serviceable instrument in good repair to succeed and enjoy piano study. Please ensure your child has a full-size keyboard with weighted keys, a digital piano, or an acoustic piano that gets tuned once a year. I expect all students to have an acoustic or digital full size piano (with weighted keys and at least one pedal) by six to nine months of lessons.   A keyboard will not be sufficient at this point.  

Remember to work with your child in setting up a daily practice schedule as soon as each new season approaches, whether it is the school year or summer vacation. A “set time” each day will help them remember without constantly having to be reminded and will also help insure that you are getting your money’s worth out of music lessons.

The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but it is also work! As you know, your child will only be as committed as you are.

It is my sincere desire that my teaching and your support at home (with encouragement, praise, and discipline when needed) will form an effective team. By working together we can make music one of the most enjoyable experiences your child will ever encounter.

     If you have any questions or concerns, I will be happy to discuss them with you.

                                  Respectfully, Kellie Edick