We are so glad that you were our first piano teacher!  You have a unique ability to explain new concepts that is simple and easy to understand for beginners. I love that you include theory as part of your lessons and that you encourage your students to have a complete education in music. My daughter has blossomed into quite the pianist under your guidance and you have helped foster a love of music in her that we hope will last a lifetime! 

We are really going to miss you and your family!  We wish you guys the very best!

Kennedy Lantz


Kellie has been an incredible piano instructor.  Both of my daughters have not only enjoyed her teaching, but have flourished under it.  My oldest daughter has been a student for almost 2 ½ years, and my second, for a little over one year.  While in Germany, Kellie taught from her living room, so I was able to observe each lesson time.  The entire 2 ½ years we have been with her, Kellie has been constant.  She has found a way to be both kind and encouraging while holding the children to a very high standard of excellence.  Her vision for teaching encompasses theory, dynamics, learning by ear, and sight reading.  She puts a lot of effort into trying to keep her students motivated by offering an incentive and a point program.  I would recommend Kellie to anyone who takes their child’s piano instruction seriously and is willing to hold their child accountable to practice regularly according to Kellie’s counsel.

Monica Stein 


To Whom it May Concern,

My son took piano from Kellie Edick for nearly two years while we were living near Ramstein Air Base in Germany.   Kellie was Jake’s first teacher and gave him an excellent technical foundation and helped foster in him a devotion to piano playing.  We would have loved to continue with Kellie had a move to Arizona not made this impossible. 

The thing that impressed me most about Kellie was that she loved teaching piano.  She was not someone who was teaching simply for extra money.  She was teaching because she was passionate about teaching—and it showed.  She was constantly keeping her teaching methods fresh with continuing education for herself.  She also kept things exciting for her students with innovative challenges, incentive programs, and performance opportunities.

Kellie has a very pleasant, agreeable personality and my son enjoyed lessons with her.  He also loved the book series that she taught from.  (His new teacher uses different books and he misses his old series.)  Kellie is also extremely organized and dependable. 

I feel fortunate that my son got his start under Kellie’s capable instruction and would recommend her as a very competent, quality teacher. 


Stacy DeLange  


We have had Kellie as a teacher for almost 4 years until we moved.  She taught all 4 of my children at one time or another.  She is a very dedicated teacher who adapts to each child and their needs.  She is open and honest about what they need and how to best meet the goals they have set for themselves.  I love that she has recitals and really practices with the children on how to perform.  She also prepared them for festivals, where they were able to do very well because of her preparation.  She corrected mistakes in technique the first teacher had let my child get away with.  As someone who does not play piano, I was unaware he was even making the mistakes and she gently corrected them, which allowed him to go farther than if the mistakes continued.  She is continually improving her teaching techniques and I only wish the military had also taken us to Colorado Springs so we could continue in her studio.

Deanna Cox


Kellie's Piano Studio has been a great place for my kids. I love that my kids love going to piano lessons. I love that they learn jazz and classical along with their regular lesson material. I love that Kellie focuses on long term things like posture and hand positioning. I love that she uses a fun reward system for practicing. I love that I can trust that my children will be safe and happy while at piano lessons.
-Amy Palmer